May 26, 2007

Purse I made for the Crazy Quilt International Purse Contest

Well, I made this purse and entered it in to the CQI Purse Contest. I actually had high hopes for it. Unfortunately, as usual, I was wrong and no one liked it. It got one whole vote, and that one was mine. Isn't that pathetic? There are so many ladies in that group whose work I so admire that I guess I was hoping one of them might like mine.

So the question is now, do I keep doing it or do I try to find something else that I enjoy and might have a chance at being good at. Maybe I just need to stay out of the big league.


Charlene said...

I think your purse is very pretty! Was there a theme for the contest? You do nice work, and if it gives you pleasure, enjoy it.

Gerry said...

You did a very nice job with your purse. Maybe the group members just don't appreciate the Marde Gras theme. All that matters in the that you like it and enjoy it!

Gail said...

Mary,I do know how your feeling, I just entered my CQ quilt in a quilt show here in town along with a CQ purse and 2 other quilts, and did not get very many votes on any of mine. Hang in there, I know it is dishearting and I feel your diappointment, I have been pretty down all day myself.

You did a great job on your purse, you should keep it up and do the work that pleases YOU.

Gail - who is rethinking entering shows and contests.

Edie said...

gorgeous purse... and to echo the other commentors, keep on keepin' on! My interpretation of "Viewer's Choice"/"Vote for your favorite" is that it's a popularity contest; people will vote for work they recognize as being from someone they know, and if they don't know you, they won't vote for you. So don't take this as a reason to quit. Your work is just as beautiful as anyone else's, and you should take pride in it whether you get recognition or not.
It is a blow to the ego, but just stand up, dust yourself off, and give yourself a big ol' hug! You deserve it!

Beadin' Gram said...

Only a small number of members even vote -- so it isn't a true tally -- and never feel you aren't good enough -- your purse is just lovely -- you did a fantastic job -- my DH has been entering his "best of show" item for 20+ years -- he worked hard on the displays and the history of the pieces he displayed. This year, he took the piece -- no fancy display -- just sat it on the viewing table -- and won the best of show. So never give up -- you have tons of talent and always know that. Looking forward to you joining in the Spirit of Friendship Doll Exchange and the lovely doll I am sure you will create.