February 26, 2008

This is a doll I designed and made. Tommy says her name is FAB because of the position of her arms.

This is the wonderful Mardi Gras Bear I received from Karen in my Making Dolls group. Isn't she just wonderful!!!

February 14, 2008

My children
PJ, Zoe, and Mitten

For my Making Dollz group, we had two projects. The first was an altered bear dressed for Mardi Gras. The second was Roland le Ratt.

So may I introduce Ms. Bear-elle le rue Royale de Orleans.

This is Ms. Bear-elle with her good friend Rolando de Ratte, also formerly of N'awlins. Senor de Ratte is related to the de Ratte's in the Governor's Mansion in Baton Rouge.

My Pink Artist Breast Cancer Charity Blocks
Read about this project here

This block is in memory of my mother's sister, Joyce Bailey Chandler, who lost her battle April 22, 1007.
This block is in memory of Mary Jo McCormick Gresham (12/26/00) and her mother Josephine McCormick (11/00). Mary Jo was my mom's best friend.
This block is dedicated to Tommy's Aunt Judy Lynn who continues to fight. My beloved mother-in-law, Judy's sister, gave me the pin.
My Season to Season Fall Swap Block
This is after Marlene worked her magic on it.

My Season to Season Spring Swap Block
Gerry is going to work her magic on this one.

My Season to Season Winter Swap Block
This is after Janet in Colorado worked her magic on it.