September 22, 2007

Mama!!! I'm seepin'!!!!!

These are my very first dolls.

September 03, 2007

I hope everyone's Labor Day weekend was as wonderful as mine. My mom and brother came into town Friday night and left this afternoon. They stayed at Le Pavillon Hotel( ) whereTommy works.
My mom loved every minute of it. I spent Friday and Saturday nights with her as Jeremy, my brother, was in Abita Springs with his best friend. Tommy was working both nights so we also got to spend time with him. It was fun sitting on the roof, after it closed, and watch my mom's reaction to the city's skyline.

She was also able to see my work in person, rather than just online. She fell in love with one of the dolls I made, so of course she went home with her new mom. I was actually kinda surprised she liked this particular one, with the wild mess of blue hair. But she did. She also got a couple of smaller pouches I made a while back. She is definitely one of my biggest supporters. I love her dearly.

This is my brother Jeremy. He is 22 years old.
He is such a wonderful young man. I am very proud to call him my brother. My mom is going to send me some pictures of his tats and I have his permission to share them with ya'll. He designed most of them himself.