September 24, 2008

Well, it has been another extended period of time since my last post. My life is even crazier now than before. We are most likely going back to Louisiana. DH has a job offer in Lafayette that is willing to pay more than he is making here. They have called him 12 times in the last two weeks.

The hotel here is already having problems. The owners are refusing to pay expenses. We are owed 6 weeks of expenses. Plus we are paying for an apartment that we can't move into cause we don't have our stuff here. The company has now said we have to move our stuff here and then maybe MAYBE MAYBE they would refund us our expenses.

I am going so crazy. Staying in this hotel room is starting to feel like living in a box.....a very small box with two lively dogs and a man who is constantly changing his mind about everything. Dang, just thinking about it is making the box smaller each second.

I have been working. I made two pinkeepers for the CQI Pinkeeper Swap. I am working on a purse for the CQI purse contest for next year. YES that's NEXT year.....told you I was going insane.

It is also time for 3rd Annual Victorian Boot Swap over at CQForNewbies. That is one thing I have not started on yet. That will probably be the first thing I do in Lafayette.