April 19, 2011

Today is my 8th wedding anniversary.  I sure wish Tommy were here to spend it with me.  I miss you and love you so much, my darling.

April 06, 2011

 I finished the three pieces I showed a few days ago.  Here are the pics:

To this block, I added the flowers in the middle of the top and bottom.  I then added a small silver dragonfly and transparent gold beads.  I'm really happy with it.  It's now just waiting to be put on its tin.
This block also received a small dragonfly, gold this time.  I scattered green transparent beads around.

To this block, once again I added a small dragonfly and clear beads.

I am very pleased with all three of these blocks.

I also did the following two pieces.  The first one I actually thought I was finished with until I scanned it and looked at it on the monitor.  Then I realized I totally forgot three corners.  How silly.
I made this for a specific tin.  It was a little too big but I figured that as I stitched that it would shrink.  NOT!  It is still too big.  I am thinking of making this into a wall hanging when it's finished.  I did alot more silk ribbon embroidery then I usually do.  I love doing it but have always been kinda scared of it.  Not anymore. 
I do hate that the scanner squished my roses in the middle though.
This is the piece I am currently working on:
I'm happy with what I've done so far but now I'm kinda stumped as to what to do next.  Any ideas?

Isn't that piece of lace just lovely?  It was dyed specially for me by my very good friend Lesa, owner of the group CQ For Newbies.  She did such a wonderful job and it fits this block very nicely.  Thanks, Lesa.
Had a death really close to home tonight.  Sometime during the late evening, firetrucks and cop cars went down our street with sirens and lights.  Jeremy came in a little later and told us that there had been a really bad accident at the end of our street.  There had been a motorcycle/car accident (the car was driven by a 20 year old girl who fled the scene; she later turned herself in) and the young man riding the bike had died.  Made us all stop and think.  Jeremy rides a bike.  He is safety conscious but accidents happen.  He had one a couple of years ago that if it had not been for the quick thinking of a friend of his, he would have died.

A couple of hours later, Jeremy told Mom and I that the young man that died was not only someone he went to school with but is also the brother in law of Lyric's aunt.  He was only 25.  His name was Mitchell.  He left behind a wife and a year old son.

Including Tommy, this is the 7th death in the last 17 months.  Three of them were school mates of Jeremy's.

April 04, 2011

Zoie update: It's been almost two weeks since Zoie's surgery.  The vet is pleased with her progress.  She has five pins in her leg.  All of them stick out and are enclosed in what the vet calls a "cage".  It is like a bar that all the pins are held in place by.  I was really surprised that she was up and walking on it the day after her surgery.  When mom and I got there to pick her up, they told us she had just come in from her daily constitutional and they were pleased with how well she was walking.

So, I take (read that as carry) her out to the side yard three to five times a day.  She walks around a little bit and then does her business.  I then carry her back in.  She spends most of the day and all of the night on my bed.  She is to be still (as best a dog can be) except when she goes outside.  My bed is high enough that I know she won't jump off of it.  Sometimes she wants to sit in the recliner.  Have I ever mentioned how spoiled this pooch is?  So whenever I am in the room, she gets to sit in the recliner.  She jumped down from there yesterday.  I don't think she was expecting the pain.  She spent the rest of the day on the bed, cause I just don't trust her.

We go back to the vet once a week.  They will re xray in six weeks, at which time they will determine if it is feasible to begin removing pins.  Dr. Bell said he should be able to remove the last two pins in about 18 to 20 weeks.  It's gonna be a long five months...lol.

I'll post some pics once I get them off my camera.