May 30, 2007

It seems my last post upset some of my friends. I am so sorry for that. I have a tendency to be very highly critical of myself and my work. If someone else doesn't like it or doesn't "vote" on it, or whatever, I tend to go overboard on my reactions. Instead of pulling up my socks and getting over it, I pull the blankets up and disappear. I went and took all the webrings off my page and wrote a real "oh poor me!!!!" post. Some reason I had thought I was actually older than 13. Guess Guess I'd better grow up fast....otherwise my husband might get into trouble for having married a child.....hehehe.

To Charlene, Gerry, Gail, and my dear friend Jo, thank you for your comments on my purse. I appreciate all your support.

I also promise to let a day or week go by before I write a post concerning my hurt feelings next time. I do get over them rather quickly (too much of a waste of time not to).

Oh yeah, I am NOT giving up cq, have waaaaaaayyyyyyy too much stash, and I do enjoy it so much.


Gail said...

Mary, so glad you are feeling better (me too). Looking forward to your current work.


Susan said...

Fortunately, I visit you from my sidebar, not a webring. =) I like your purse very much. It's my colors and I think the thing you did with the sequins looks great. It also isn't overdone, which a lot of people like, but I don't.

In this kind of contest, I think it is so hard for anyone to pick just one. I looked at all the purses, though I'm not a member of the group, and I would have had a hard time choosing just one. Almost every one of them is one I'd want to own.

Given that, I don't think you can imagine that you can't hold your head up in such company. You definitely can! It was a very small group voting, and there were a lot of beautiful entries.

I don't think you do this kind of work for what other people think. I know it hurts when you perceive others as not seeing the beauty of something you like so much. I react the same way you do, and it's one reason my quilts don't go to shows. However, your work is beautiful and I hope you will do it for you, just as I make quilts that make me happy.

Anyone would be thrilled to have this purse as a gift, and that is what you can keep in mind.