May 04, 2007

CQ4 Newbies Special Project for JK and Jenny

Here are the pictures of the wallhangings that we did as get well gifts for JK and her mother in law, Jenny. I have to remember next time to check my pics before I package everything up. The beautiful pic on the left is of JK's wall hanging, taken by JK. The one on the right is of Jenny's taken by me. I am so ashamed.

On JK's wallhanging the blocks were made by the following people (rowxrow, l to r)

row 1: Charlene, Jo, me
row 2: Lesa, Linda C., me
row 3: Erin C., Ati, Lesa
row 4: Lori K.

On Jenny's wallhanging the block were made by the following people (columnxcolumn, top to bottom)
column 1: Lori K., Jo, me
column 2: Lesa, Linda C., me
column 3: Lori K., Lesa, Erin C.

The bauble bags were made by Christy and filled with teas and wonderful Dove chocolates.
The tea/chocolate sets in the last picture were sent by June and the black/green tea bags were sent by Lori K.


Gerry said...

Mary, you did a wonderful job organizing this little surprise! In fact, you always do a wonderful job organizing these littel surprises. :-)

Lori said...

Mary Great job on the 3 in squares for Jenny and JK. You did a superb job of putting them together! I know I would be honored to hang that in my sewing room!
Lori K