May 21, 2007

Life in the Month of June
I know, I know, it's not even the end of May yet and here I am talking about June. So much has changed lately. By the way, we found a new doctor and I am back on my hypothyroid and depression medication. Tommy says he can already tell a difference in my attitude....ain't that a man for you?? :p

Anyway on to the end of the May and the whole month of June. Tommy and I are going to Bossier City Sunday and Monday. When his nephew moved home, he left most of his stuff here, so we are taking that up to him. Wednesday, the 30th is Tommy's 49th birthday. He has to work 3p to 11p (of course). He is, though, taking Thursday off. Rafal is going to rearrange his schedule for Thursday and then we are taking the birthday boy to Bourbon House (one of the restaurants owned by the Brennan's) for steak. Last year we went to the House of Blues. It was quite an experience, especially for Rafal. There was a goth concert in the auditorium part of HOB. We had to walk past two blocks of goths in full regalia. Rafal had no clue!!!!! He was actually rather nervous. Gave Tommy and me a good laugh. Anyway, Bourbon House is supposed to have killer steaks, and that's what the men want. Me, I will have my salmon.

On the 4th of June, I go back to the dr. for an EKG, chest x-ray, and blood work. The following Monday, the 11th, we journey back to Bossier for Tommy to have his 6 month check up with his cardiologist following his heart cath last November. We both admit the trips to visit our parents, his in Bossier, and mine in W. Monroe, are long and tiring. Especially since we still haven't been able to get the air conditioner fixed in the truck.

The fun for June really starts on the 17th. Once again, we are going to Bossier. This time, though, we will be leaving again almost as soon as we get there. If we are lucky, we will be picking up Tommy's son Patrick. We will then head north to Perry, Oklahoma to pick up his daughter, Erin Ree. She is 8 (8 and a half, according to her). Patrick is 15. From Perry, we will continue north to Pratt, KS. Pratt is about 40 miles east of what used to be Greensburg, KS. In Pratt, we will be visiting Tommy's dad. This will be the first meeting for him and his two grandchildren. Tommy hasn't seen his dad since '99. According to him "the old man is dang near 80 years old". His wife died two years ago and he has no other family up there. I feel sorry for him being so alone. I am looking forward to meeting him. My mother in law has made me swear to take tons of pictures. We are also going to give the kids disposable cameras so they can take pics and show their points of view of the situation. Of course it will also be video taped. It should be quite emotional.

Oh yeah, in case you are wondering if we have lost our minds, we will be borrowing my mother in law's car with the air conditioning. We may be crazy but we are not masochistic at all.

Once we leave Pratt, we will go to Horatio, Arkansas. I just hope Tommy survives. We will see his oldest child there. Chelsa is 17. She will also be presenting Tommy with his first grandchild while we are there. Tommy will have all 3 of his children together in one place for the first time in roughly 5 years and then to have his first grandchild thrown in also. All this on top of having visited his dad. I think I will need several boxes of kleenex.

We will drop Patrick, and the car, back off in Bossier and come home. Then on July 1st, we have to take Erin Ree back to Oklahoma.

In case you are confused, yes, each of the children have a different mother. Tommy has been married 5 times. Of course, he saved the best for

I am going to have to put together some small projects to take with me. I will be spending most of the time in Perry in the hotel. No matter how nice I am to her, Erin's mother is very antagonist to me. I don't want that to happen and ruin what is going to a wonderful two weeks together with Erin.

Well, I think that is all for now. I am busy making clothes for myself. All my summer clothes are still in storage in New Hampshire. Too long for a one day trip to pick them up. But then who doesn't like new clothes. I am also working on a cqed box and will post pictures soon.

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Susan said...

What a time you will have! You are going to be so sick of driving - or riding, if Tommy does all the driving. Maybe you can do some CQ from the passenger seat. =)