November 15, 2007

For the second year I am hosting the Victorian Boot Swap on the CQforNewbies group. Everyone makes a stocking that looks like a Victorian ladies boot. They then make up four squishies to fill the stocking. After mailing them to me, I will swap them out. No one knows whose boot they will receive. They will not be disappointed though.

This is my finished boot. I really like it.

Since we are a group of newbies, I left it up to the ladies to decide rather or not they wanted to embellish one side or both sides of their boot. Lazy me chose to do only the front. I did though use a fabric for the back that is very sparkly, though it doesn't show up that well in the picture. Tommy actually picked the fabric out and I have a blouse out of it.


Susan said...

Your boot looks beautiful! Tommy has good taste, too. =)

Ira said...

Very impressive. Beautifuul work. Thanks for sharing.

Momma Bear said...

lovely boot!
thanks for sharing

Momma Bear said...

beautiful boot!
I love the "after 5" fabrics.