July 27, 2007

It seems like most of my posts lately have been family related. Sooooo, I decided to show you what I'm working on. I actually have several projects, small ones, going right now.

I "made" a treasure box, what I call it, for my swap sister, Daphne, in England. I started out with a cigar box that the gentleman who lives downstairs from us gave me.
I took off all the paper and hardware. Then I wrapped it in quilt batting and covered it with a purple moleskin. Did I mention purple is Daphne's favorite color??? Well, it is. I added a motif to the front and fringe around the lid.
I wanted to add a cq'd block to the top. I had a purple one from earlier this year.
I embellished it with roses, a beaded ribbon, and a D for her name. I also used a gold fairy and two purple handmade buttons that Daphne had sent me.
Unfortunately, when I was finished I discovered that the block was not long enough to go on the lid. It was wide enough but not long enough. Very disappointing but I learned to check these things before I begin and make adjustments. So....I had to do something with the top. I decided to keep it simple with a lace bow and a button that Tommy had picked out for me. It has a victorian styled woman's head on it. Quite different from what I wanted but I think she will like it. I'm going to fill it with goodies for her. I am going to use the block for the cover of a needlecase for her that is due in October.
So that is now finished. I am just waiting on a shipment from Judyth to finish my package and put it in the mail.
I have also been working on comfort dolls for Pat Winter's project for abused women. Of course I forgot to take pictures of them. When I actually get them finished I will post some. I also have one made for the Crazy Quilting International's group Spirit of Christmas doll swap. I'm planning a couple for more for that also.
I have also started my Victorian Christmas stocking for the CQforNewbies group swap this fall. I am trying to get a head start so I don't stress out. I really like the way it is coming and have a sneaking suspicion I may keep it and make another one.
I am actually staying fairly busy with all this. I need to unearth my sewing machine so I can finish my dolls and get them in the mail.


Gerry said...

Mary, your treasure box is just adorable! What a creative and fun gift. Your blocks are gorgeous. But then again, I'm purple bias. LOL.

NICE start on the Christmas boot. I'm going to try the same pattern I used last year. I can hardly wait!!!!!!

Susan said...

The treasure box looks wonderful! Since you are making a needlebook, the block won't be wasted, but I can imagine how disappointed you were after doing all that work!

Maddie Can Fly said...

Your silk flowers on the purple block are beautiful Mary! You do such great work.

JK said...

Hellooooo Puddleducks!! Whatcha doing? How you doing? I love that Treasure Box, and you know what? There is nothing more special then something hand made with all the love that goes along with it.

Okay, you got your stocking started already?????? Sheesh woman! I can't get from the kitchen to the bathroom without causing a major incident, and here you are just off and running!

How is hubby doing? He seems to be so kind and gentle, and that is a rare find these days.

Your block should be coming sometime this week depending on Post Awful okay?