July 13, 2007

It is 5:24 am on Friday, July 13th. Why am I up this early? Tommy had to cover the night shift of a guy on vacation. This is so going to throw off my sleep, yet again, as Tommy usually works the 7a to 3p shift on Thursdays and then the 11p to 7a shift on Friday. For those of you up nights like me, have you ever realized there is nothing but junk on the tv? Must be my cue to turn it off or put in a movie.

Well, I have been gone for a while and have lots to share. First off, on June 12, Tommy became a grandpa. Jaylee was born to his oldest Chelsa. She is beautiful. We got to see her when she was 2 weeks old. Tommy is still disturbed that Chelsa is only 16, but that is something he took up with her mother. With us while we were visiting mother and baby, was Erin. She is Tommy's youngest at 8 yrs.

Ok, I've decided to start at the beginning because I was beginning to confuse myself, much less you guys. We left New Orleans at 4:30am Sunday, June 17th. At 8:30pm, we picked up Erin, Tommy's youngest, in Perry, Oklahoma (about 85 mi W. of Tulsa). From there we drove to Pratt, Kansas (40 mi E. of where Greensburg, KS used to be) and Tommy's dad. We got there about 10pm Sunday night.

Three generations of Lears: Tom, Tommy, Erin.

We spent Sunday night with Tom in his apartment. He lives in what was the original Pratt hospital and has now been converted to apartments. This was the first time since '99 that Tommy had seen his dad. First time Tom had met his granddaughter Erin. As uptight about it as Tommy was, it was a wonderful visit. The two men may not see eye to eye on everything, what father and son does, but the love is obvious. As for Miss Erin, I don't think that girl has ever met anyone she didn't take to almost immediately (except me the first time).

Monday morning, the 18th (my mom's 65th birthday) was spent looking at pictures and listening to family history. We left just after noon. We were not going to be able to see Chelsa and the baby til after 2pm the next day due to a pediatrician's appointment, so we spent the night in Broken Arrow, just east of Tulsa. Erin got her wish and got to go swimming in the pool....just her and her daddy.

Tuesday we slept in a little and had a leisurely breakfast there at the hotel. Then we set off for Horatio, Arkansas. I will swear til the day I die I heard banjos. It took Tommy a little while to find Chelsa's house but we eventually did.

Grandpa Tommy, Chelsa, and baby Jaylee
Grandpa getting his first real look at Jaylee.
Sisters: Chelsa (16) and Erin (8).
Another 3 generations of Lears (and don't grandpa look thrilled about that!!!)
Aren't they a beautiful family? I think of the two girls, Chelsa looks just like her daddy.
In case you are wondering about the big gap between the two girls ages, there is a third child. His name is Patrick and he is 15. He and his mother were out of town for the time we had Erin, so they didn't get to see each other.
We took Erin back to Perry, actually to Stillwater where her mom was working, on the 1st of July. Other than a few bumpy moments, it was a wonderful two weeks.
When we took Erin back, I got to meet her mother. I have now met all of Tommy's ex's with the exception of the first, who is deceased. Of the three, Erin's mom is the only one who wants Tommy back. She latched onto him like.....like.....ok, I'll be nice....an anaconda with fresh meat. Her mother looked at me abashed and I think she thought I was going to out of the car and hurt her daughter. I just smiled.
Tommy laughed when I brushed him off before I'd let him kiss me....he thought I was a little disturbed by the hug. I thought he was disturbed for having married her in the first place. They have nothing in common. But it's all over til next time. I must make a mental note to remember the bleach next time too....hehehehe

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Susan said...

That poor girl is going to have a rough time ahead, and maybe the baby, too. Sounds like it took Tommy a while to find the right woman. =)