February 14, 2007

One of these days I will remember that when I have to break a post into more than one post to put my "title" on the final post.


This bag is what I call my butterfly bag. Here on the front I have 3 small butterflies with a size 6 bead on them beside a double row of cretan stitches. In the middle upper section, I filled it in with cross stitches and then in the spaces between the two rows I placed a bead. On the blue section I have alternating lengths of buttonhole topped with a French knot on the longer stitches.

On the inside of the bag, I added 3 more butterflies.

On the back of the butterfly bag I did double chevron, on the upper left, triple cretan on the right, and then the blue with red flowers on the lower left, I beaded the flower centers.

Since one of the colors for Project Spectrum is blue, I made a set of bookmarks with varying shades and textures of blue fabric.

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