February 21, 2007

I thought ya'll might enjoy some pictures from Mardi Gras. We didn't go to the parades. These were taken from the balcony of our apartment on Royal Street. Several times yesterday the street was packed with with over 1000 costumed locals. Some of the pictures I took simply for the costumes. There was a lot of work put into the costumes.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pics of Mardis Gras. This Colorado girl has never been withing spitting distance of New Orleans, but I'd sure like to see Mardis Gras there someday. I especially liked the grim-reaper birds and the Deal or No Deal gang.
Janet in Colorado

Susan said...

What an experience that must be to be right there, without having to be down in the street! The costumes are amazing. Thanks for sharing your pics!

Biby Cletus said...

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regards Biby - Blog