January 10, 2007

Ok, what's my problem?? The buttonhole stitch is one of my favorite stitches. I started using it on a new block today. And what do you know, I am stuck. Oh, I can do the stitch no problem, but I am trying to expand my horizons and do more than just seams. I am trying to work lines of stitches across patches. Working on a seam is so easy for me, and I guess it is safe. I wanna walk on the wild side and work my way across a patch. My stitches in this patch want to tippie toe over to that patch. Stitches over there want to dance across these two patches to reach this seam over here. Oh what's a girl to do? My needle says come on let's play and my fingers say no way. I need to learn how to put what I see in my head onto my block. I also need to not use blue thread on blue fabric. My eyes are almost crossed trying to see the stitches I did accomplished. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.


Susan said...

Now, I love your description, and I want to see it in thread! Maybe not blue thread. =)

piney cq said...

Giggles.... I can relate! One secret I have found for myself, is to try to blank out my mind... or at the VERY least that critical voice on my shoulder.. LOL!! and then just let me hand take over. It takes a bit of playing with, but has really helped me to feel more creative. Playing with the different sizes of thread makes a difference too.... and is one thing I need to practice more. Sooo, you've got company! G There's a great little workbook on creativity for the inner kid. I'll have to look it up to give you the name. But it helped me too. Just try to relax and enjoy the richness of the colors and the textures and imagine yourself walking thru those lush fields of velvet and playing with the flowers for the dyes and soon you'll be embellishing the WORLD! :_))