January 08, 2007

The first installment of Sharon's T.A.S.T. began with the herringbone stitch. It was one I had done a little but not in a long while. Of course I spent the first few days of the week sick and in bed. The first couple of days I actually played with the stitch mentally, just dying to be able to work on it. I found that when I finally did, it was actually easier because of my mental "musings". I used a block I had made up. The first set of stitches I did was around the middle block. I really like the way the 3 sets of stitches make that center block look "embossed". It is very easy to see from the back but the front is so much prettier. I used 3 different threads also. The orangish thread is rayon; the green is silk and the yellow is cotton. The orangish and green threads I got from my dear friend from CQforNewbies yahoo group, Marianne. The second time I did the stitch, on the same block, I made it much wider and to me, it kinda resembles a braid. I really like this stitch and will definitely be using it more frequently.

Wonder what Sharon has in store for us this week.

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Susan said...

Love that multi-colored herringbone all around the block. Great choice!