January 20, 2007

In my group CQforNewbies, we have a birthday swap. Each month there is a person signed up and she gets a squishie from each member of the swap group. December was my birthday. I got wonderful squishies from everyone. Blogger is only letting me upload a few pictures at a time so these will be in two posts.
This squishie came from Judyth in Kansas. Lots of luscious silk fibers and fabrics.
Laura sent me sumptuous fabrics, cute buttons, vintage lace and beads galore.
Marianne stuffed her squishie so full, it took 3 pictures to get all the goodies. She sent me lots of buttons and charms.
She also sent me lots of lace and trims.
She also sent me luscious silk fabrics, and a beautiful butterfly siggie.
Ati in Norway sent me an exquisite bobbin lace mandala she made. She also sent me a cross stitched Christmas tree, dove siggie, and lots of fabrics and fibers.
Bethany sent me gorgeous fabrics, hordes of lace, fibers, floss, and buttons. She also sent a cool piece of stone bead fringe.
Brenda sent me gergeous colored fabrics; lace, ribbons and fibers galore; an old world Santa siggie, and a red work tree pattern.
Elizabet from the UK sent me an adorable little girl and daisy siggie, a beaded clay face she made; and hand made lace from Malta.
Gerry sent me two beautiful Victorian siggies; rich fabrics with tons of beads to accentuate them; beautiful laces, fibers, and velvet ribbons.

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Thelma said...

Wow!! You sure are getting some very awesome things to work with.