July 20, 2011

Here is Mom, Jeremy, and Ashley on Mom's birthday.  I made her a trifle instead of a cake or cookie.  She wanted it made in the punch bowl from her wedding (really the only large bowl we have).  I think that sucker weighed out at around 8 lbs, minus the bowl.  Used an angel food cake, 8 large bananas, 4 quarts of strawberries, 2 qts of blueberries and 2 pts of raspberries and one large tub of cool whip.  Each layer was then drizzled with condensed milk.  Everyone loved it.  For a huge as that thing was, it only lasted about 4 days.  The fresh fruit was awesome.  Everyone wants me to make another one.  I refuse to make one that big again....unless it's for a large party or something.

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Maddie Can Fly said...

Ohhhh trifle! It's been years since I've had one