July 20, 2011

After several months without one, I finally was able to replace the usb cord to my digital camera.  There were lots and lots and lots of pictures on it.  Thought I'd share a few with you.  I'll try very hard to keep them in chronological order.

Zoie and her leg:

This was just after we brought her home from the emergency vet.  She has a blue bandage around her neck and a splint and cast on her leg.  My poor little girl.
This is 4 days later after she had to undergo surgery and had 5 pins put in.  The blue thing is what they call a cage.  It encloses the exposed ends of the pins.

She has had 2 of the pins removed.  One in the top and one at the bottom.  They may have to replace the one at the bottom.
They definitely gave her some really good drugs...lol.
She is a little trooper.  Other than getting bored and whiney at times, she has taken this whole thing alot better than I have.  But then what else can she do?
She is happiest sitting in the recliner, wrapped in her daddy's koala blankie.
.Zaxxie decided that since he didn't want to get attention the same way his sissy did, he'd have some wild hair days:

Blogger is trying to mess with my head and my pics this morning so I will break this post up.  More pics to come.

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Maddie Can Fly said...

HAHA! I can relate to those bad hair days -- my hair has looked like that many a time. Glad to see Zoe up on all 4 legs