March 22, 2011

This is my little Zoie.  She was Tommy's baby girl.  She is part jack russell and part chihuahua with the attitude of a rottweiller.  The only thing I know she is scared of is my mom's german shepard, Lady.  Lady wants to eat her.  We work very hard at keeping them separate.  Lady gets puts in mom's bedroom whenever Zoie goes out back for her daily constitutionals.  Everyone is told that under no conditions do we let Lady out of her room while Zoie is out of hers.

Well, Sunday, Zax (who by the way loves Lady) and Zoie were in the front part of the house and Lady was in her room.  Lyric, my brother Jeremy's girlfriend's (Ashley) 2 year old (3 next month) boy decided without telling anyone to free Lady.  Yes, he does know better.  It is something that has been drilled into his little head since he first set foot in this house...Lady must stay in her room when Zoie is out of hers.  He knows this.

Well, we all know accidents happen.  Before Mom, Ashley, or I even knew what was happening, Lady was on Zoie.  It took Mom and I about five minutes to get them separated....seems like so much longer.  We rushed Zoie to the Emergency Afterhours Clinic.  Her little left hind leg below the knee was crushed.  She also had puncture wounds in her scruff.    The vet (very nice man) set her leg and put a cast/splint on it.  He was able to realign the bones, but there were still splinters of bone that could slip out of place again.  She also got a pretty blue bandage on her neck. Monday morning Mom and I took her to our regular vet as per instructions.  Dr. David looked at the xray from the er vet.  She wanted to take more xrays cause he had only included one view on the cd, so we had to leave my little girl there.  After lunch, Dr. David called to tell us what the new xrays showed and what the next course of action should be. 

Tomorrow afternoon, Zoie is having surgery to rebuild her leg.  They are putting pins in it.  Dr. David said some of them will be visible.  She gives Zoie a real good prognosis.  If for some reason something goes wrong, or the leg doesn't "take" after the surgery, then they will probably have to go back in and amputate.  I was told that if this happens, she will have to relearn her center of gravity but she should be just fine without the leg since it's a rear one.

My poor baby girl.  It is going to be a long six weeks...for both of us.  I should get to bring her home Wednesday afternoon.  When I talked to Dr David this afternoon, she said Zoie had taken both food and water.  She also had her pain medication and was "feeling pretty happy".  This is the first time she has ever stayed over night at the vet's.  This is only the third time in her life that she has been away from mama overnight.  Maybe someone should give mama something so she can sleep and stop worrying about her  Zaxie misses his sissy something awful.

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