December 23, 2010

I just learned something tonight that absolutely pisses me off no end.  Did you know that it is against the law (probably just in the stupid state of Louisiana) to have a candlelight church service???  Apparently the powers that be don't trust us not to set ourselves on fire.  Every year my favorite service has been the one late Christmas Eve night where everyone gets a candle, lights it, and then sings Silent Night.  I mean come on, we are not children who need to be protected from ourselves.  I don't know anyone that would intentionally go to church on Christmas Eve to set themselves and everyone else on fire.  I mean, yes, I know accidents happen, but come on.  Next thing you know there will be a law saying we can't all leave at the same time cause someone might have a car accident or cause a traffic jam.  The really sad thing is that the people who a making these assine laws were elected by the people they are trying to protect from themselves.  Maybe we need a law prevent us from electing jackass into positions of power.  But then I'm from Louisiana...can anyone spell CORRUPTION.

Ok, I'm finished ranting now.

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Maddie Can Fly said...

It's called "insurance companies." They rule our lives and are afraid they will have to give back a lousy nickel for all the thousands of dollars paid to them.