December 01, 2010

Here are some pictures of my latest project.  It is a cq'd bible cover for my mom for Christmas.  I can show the pics cause she has seen them and knows what I'm making.  I have the motif for the spine completed.  I may add some beading to it, but my mom will worry about damaging it, so I may just leave it as is.  What do ya'll think?  The image came from one of the antique embroidery books that Sharon Boggon talked about on her blog.
It is done on a piece of satin.  The scanner was being persnickety so the pic is not that good.  I used silk threads for the leaves and wheat sheaves.  The flowers are done in perle 8 from

The motif for the front cover is a work in progress.  I have some more details to add, along with beading, etc.  I think, though, that I will go ahead and piece the cover before I do anything else on it.  It is a large bible, which is why I did these two pieces before putting it together.

The Celtic knot cross is worked on dupioni silk with perle 8 threads from

I'll show more as the project comes together.  Right now I just have to find the right fabrics to use.

Today is my birthday.  This is the second one without Tommy.  I don't remember the one last year.  My mom is getting me my first cake in 7 years.  Tommy and I always celebrated birthdays by going to dinner.

 I have noticed lately that it is getting easier to think and talk about my love without crying.  I still miss him desperately, but it doesn't hurt so bad any more.  Time really does heal the hurt, but that is truly the last thing one wants to hear.  We made so many wonderful memories over the years.  I kinda look at it like a gift from God and Tommy.  The pain has lessened and now the memories are returning bringing with them smiles, laughter, and a few tears.  I am so enjoying them

More to come.  Have a wonderful memory filled day.

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Maddie Can Fly said...

Love both designs. The wheat sheaves are great!