April 09, 2009

In January, after living in hotels in Midland, Texas and here in Lafayette, we finally found the perfect house to rent. It is actually managed by the grandparents of a good friend of ours who lives across the street from us. It is a lovely yellow house with a huge yard. It is on an island unto itself. There are streets surrounding us on all sides. The ones on the right and left form a "v" so our yard is actually a large triangle. There are plants, shrubs, trees, etc surrounding us all the way around.

These ferns are under our bedroom window along the back patio.
Tommy standing off the patio.

The side of our home, from the patio toward the front. That is an orange tree.

This is along the back of the house toward the patio.

Our fig tree at the back of the yard.

The french doors out the dining room onto the back patio.

The back of the house. We have bay windows in the dining room.

The honeysuckle is covering the fence and gate. The whole area is perfumed by it.
Our plum tree is laden with fruit.

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Maddie Can Fly said...

I love yellow houses! And the children look like they're having fun on the front steps there. Lots of pretty plantings -- I'm so glad you guys finally got a house.