May 24, 2008

WOW!!! Two months and two days since my last post. I wish I could say alot has happened since then, but I'd be lying to you. We moved in with my inlaws and are still there. Tommy has never had this much trouble finding a job before. It is quite frustrating for both of us, but for him especially. I pray day and night for him to find a job. If we have to stay there much longer I may end up in deep trouble. My mother in law is getting a little out of hand. I had to get almost rude with her the other day over her yelling at Zoe for absolutely nothing. It did have it's advantages though. My father in law has totally changed the way he treats Zoe. He never treated her bad, he just didn't praise her or anything. Now, he is always petting her and telling her what a good girl she is. She now loves going outside with Grandpa Mac when he gets home from work.

We have ended up with a new puppy, a pug. He wandered up to the door with several big dogs that were roaming the neighborhood. When my mil, Marie, opened the screen door, he just came right on in. We looked for weeks for his owner, but was unsuccessful. He is a dark chocolate brown. We have had him for about 5 weeks now. My in laws say he is their's but their idea of taking care of a dog is to put it in the backyard, feek it and maybe talk to it for a few minutes a day. This little boy is just full of love, and I have to admit, I am his favorite. He comes in the house and comes right to me, even though Marie is calling him. Tommy says when we finally leave, he is going with us. He and Zoe get along so well, also. He follows her all over the yard when she goes out. Zoe will sleep next me on the couch, when we are watching tv, and the pug will climb up beside her and put his head on her and go to sleep also. It is so cute. I have to find cameras in storage so I can take pictures. The inlaws call him Pugsly, cause he is a pug. Tommy named him Buggly cause he is, to Tommy's way of thinking, Butt Ugly. Personally, I think he is adorable.

A few other things have happened over the last two months. My brother Jeremy had his pit bull put down cause he accidently bit my mom in his sleep. She ended up with stitches on her upper lip and butterfly bandaids on her nose and cheek. It was totally an accident, but Jeremy always swore if Flip ever hurt mom he would put him down. And he did. We all shed a lot of tears that week.

April 19th was mine and Tommy's 5th wedding anniversary. May 22nd, Tommy's oldest child, Chelsa, graduated from high school. And this Friday, the 30th, my sweet, wonderful husband turns 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy do I have plans for that night too...hehehe.

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Maddie Can Fly said...

Tommy will be 50????? I can't believe that. I've seen his pic on your blog -- he sure has a baby face (LOL). Happy B-Day to Tommy and here's hoping he gets the best present - a great job he loves.