June 06, 2007

As I was blog hopping tonight, I ran across one entitled The Creative Notebook http://creativenotebook.com/. The day's entry is called Toot Your Horn Tuesday. Since I have been rather down on myself the last few days (weeks...), I thought I would take part. She said to simply list 10 things that you have accomplished in your life. Then she said:

"Now, take a look at that list. You did great! Look at all you’ve done with your life, with your time. You ROCK!!!!!!"

Well, I thought it might be a good idea for me to remember some of the things I have accomplished in my life, so here goes:

1. I graduated from high school. (Not really any big deal except that I am the only one of 5 children in my family that did it.)

2. Received my B.S. in Biology in 3 years after a 3 year sabbatical.

3. Received my M.S. in Biology with emphasis on Botany. Was within 2 months of graduating when my dad died unexpectedly. Almost gave it up.

4. Coordinated and ran the science fair for a school of 450+ below poverty level students.

5. Two years in a row had regional winners go to state competition in the Group category, where the previous 7 years had been won by a private school.

6. Took my mom on a Girls' Only Weekend trip to New Orleans.

7. Married a wonderful man.

8. Made a black velvet dress for a local entertainer without using a pattern.

9. Made clothes/quilts as all my Christmas gifts last year.

10. Still working on trying to figure out what goes at 10.


Dorene said...

You have some amazing accomplishments here. I'm proud to meet you!

I'm a firm believer that if you can't take a moment to believe in yourself, you lose some of your creativity. You always need to refill the well.

Susan said...

10. You keep an interesting blog which brings your friends over to see what you are doing. =)

That's an amazing list of accomplishments. Not only were you the only one in your family to graduate from high school, but you went all the way to a Master's degree! That's impressive!

I'm so admiring of your work with the at-risk students, and impressed that you list it as main accomplishments. It always would annoy me when teachers at school would say it was impossible to teach these children. GRRRRR! Thanks for not being one of those!

Maddie Can Fly said...

Congratulations Mary, that's a very impressive list. BTW, did you like the lace?

Susan said...

Are you doing okay? I hope you are just too busy to post in your blog.

Susan said...

Wondering if you are okay, just too busy with life to blog?

Jo in NZ said...

Hello Mary darling. Thanks for stopping by and for the comments on my "tree" . Now listen here..you listening? You are every bit as talented as me, but in different ways! I dropped out of Uni, couldn't be bothered and hey, I'm 'creative' , right? Doesn't make me a whole heck of a lot of money now does it?

I am loving the new positive outlook you are trying. I would like to challenge you to do a list at least once a month...go on.
XXX big hugs