May 05, 2011

Ok, I think we are officially down now.  The hits just seem to keep coming.  Last Tuesday when we had the powerful storms come through, we got 6 inches of rain in like four hours or so.  Four inches of the water decided to go straight through the house.  It was nasty.  The sewers in the street backed up so that joined the rainwater.  I do think we were fortunate, unlike our neighbors, that our toilet and bathtub didn't back up into the house.  We lost clothing, fabric, badly warped, and a myriad of other things.  My brother Harvey came from Texas Thursday to help out.  Boy did we need him.

Friday, Mom and I went to Shreveport for my last contact appt.  YEA!!!!  I can now start going to the local clinic for my regular checkups. 
While we were there, we visited was the year and a half mark.  I had a nasty panic attack.  Mom got a beautiful steel and bamboo windchime to hang for him.  I miss him so much.

We spent Saturday morning at the vet with Zoe.  She got xrayed today and everything is looking good.  We don't go back for three weeks...much better than weekly visits.

Saturday morning a very dear dear friend of our's died.  Her name is Velda Schmeer.  We have gone to church with her for 30 years.  She and Jeremy share a birthday.  She fell in love with him the first time she saw him...he was only a few weeks old.  He was quite attached to her also.  They exchanged birthday cards every year and as he got older and started doing yard work, he did her yard.  He was supposed to go do her yard Saturday morning but didn't make it over there.  Her funeral is tomorrow at ten a.m.  She was 89 years young.  She made the trip to Haughton to Tommy's funeral.  She will be sorely missed.

I think we have finally reached the saturation point.  I don't think we can deal with anything else bad happening.  Surely we have reached our limit....for the next few years anyway.

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Lesley said...

Good morning. I really don't have the words to make things better. I am so, so sorry for all your troubles. Just remember that there are a lot of people all over the world, thinking of you now. Warm thought and blessings from the UK