March 23, 2010

May's Bead Journal Project Page

Kimball Hill
Whitefield, NH
July-October 2005
In July of 2005, Tommy got the job as Chief Engineer at Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa in Whitefield, NH.  It is a beautiful old resort that was built in 1865 by the Dodge Family.  It is in New Hampshire's White Mountains.While we were there, we lived in a two room cabin ontop of Kimball Hill.  The cabin was part of an old B and B.  It was wonderful.  There was a large meadow in front where all manner of wild animals grazed.  An old stone wall split the meadow in two.  From our front porch, Tommy could see all the way across the valley to the hotel.  He enjoyed having his morning coffee out there while talking to whoever was already at work.
We had no television.  Cable stopped about a mile from the road we lived on.  We did have high speed internet installed.   The cabin came furnished, so all we added were computer desks and a recliner.  There was no air conditioning, but just put a fan in the window and it was quite cool.  Compared to the other two rooms, the bathroom was so small, you had to come out of it just to change your mind.  We spent most of time in the bedroom, which was where the computers and my sewing area was.   
The town was so small and quaint.  It only had a blinking red light and a stop sign.  I had never been that far north or lived in a town that small.  It was wonderful and so peaceful.  Tommy had a little store that he stopped at to get cigarettes and gas.  By the time he walked in the door, they had a pack of smokes on the counter for him.  The little deli in the store made the best fried mushrooms and chicken strips.  Once they got to know you, they were so nice and friendly.
We had planned on retiring there.  Maybe not on Kimball Hill but in Whitefield.
We were there only three months.  The company that Tommy worked for owned another hotel in New Orleans.  After Katrina hit, they sent him to that property to restore it and make it able to withstand another storm of that size.  We were told it would only be 5, maybe 6 months and then we could return to Whitefield.  Unfortunately during that time, the company's CFO, who was running Mtn. View was arrested for bribery, frauding, skimming from the books and a couple of other things.  He is still in prison.  The company had to send in another general manager to take over.  He took his own staff with him, so Tommy's job was no longer available.  We were both devastated.  We still have a full storage unit up there that we have not been able to get back to.  I will one of these days soon.


Maddie Can Fly said...

Thanks for sharing the whole story of your time in the East and then back to NO and the whys and wherefores. The beaded piece screams New England.

Robin said...

You are doing some amazing work here.... Each BJP piece is heart-felt and important. I'm sure that when you complete the year you will have a treasury of memories recorded in beads. Although sad and you miss him, these memories are now what keep you sustained.

Robin A.