January 01, 2010

Happy 2010 to everyone.  I hope everyone has a wonderful and creative year.  I refuse to say this year can't be any worse than last year....cause it always happens.  Although what could be worse than losing Tommy I truly don't know.  It has been 9 weeks now and the pain doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

We had one heck of a scare here yesterday.  I took my pups out in the backyard for their hourly constitutionals.  I told my mom I was doing this.  Her German Shepard Lady and my Zoe DO NOT get along at all.  It was raining and so cold out.  My children hurried up and did what they needed to do and then we came back in.  I didn't realize that my mom had fallen asleep and didn't hear me.  We came in the back door and Lady was immediately on Zoe.  Had her teeth buried in the scruff of her neck and was holding her off the ground shaking her.  It took my brother, Jeremy, at least 2 minutes to get Lady's teeth out of Zoe.  Unfortunately I wasn't a big help...I was freaking out.  Finally Lady let go.  My mom got Zoe into my room and Lady was put in Mom's room.  We got really lucky...really lucky with Zoe....there were no puncture wounds and other than being scared witless, she is okay.  My brother on the other hand, ended up with punctures on each finger of his right hand.  Of course being the adult male that he is, he refused to let anyone take care of him but himself.  This morning everyone is okay.  Zoe is now skiddish about leaving the bedroom.  Zax has not left his sissy once.  He is constantly by her side, licking the area Lady got ahold of.  What a way to end the worst year of my life.

The pups and I spent the rest of the evening cuddling under a blanket in my recliner watching the Thin Man marathon on TCM.  Tommy and I loved the series.  He thought Asta (the dog) was the best character in the story.

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Karen said...

I am so glad that your doggie is ok. Nothing is scarier than when tow dogs are not compatible! Hang in there dear friend!