September 20, 2009

Thank you to Lesa, Ann, and Karen for your kind comments on my last post. Things have changed since then.
We moved into the hotel for two weeks. I got a head cold that went straight to my chest and got really bad. Listening to me breath sounded like poprocks in my chest. We had no money so my mom mailed us some medicine so I started getting better and then wouldnt you know it, Tommy got sick!!!! Because he was working out in the heat, he got very sick very quickly. I gave all the medicine to him and wouldn't you know it....had a relapse myself. For two weeks I have been sitting in a tiny, dingy, moldy motel room being horribly sick. YUCK!!!
After a 2 week paycheck where the owner only paid him for 40 hours, we decided it was enough. Tommy was busting his ass for this guy. Putting in 10 to 18 hour days and that jackass only paid him for 40 hours....for TWO WEEKS work. So yesterday, Saturday, we packed up and moved in with my family. Tommy is going to take some time off and get well and then find a job around here until he finds his next big hotel job....which will hopefully be our last.
Gotta go move more things off the carport and into the house before nightfall. More later.


Maddie Can Fly said...

I'm sure the mold and heat didn't help either one of you. Hope you both get stronger at your family's house. Take care.

Karen said...

I am praying that things will improve for you. I agree with Lesa that the conditions there were not helpful for either of you to get better. I hope by now you are both getting well.