October 06, 2008

A quick update on our lives. Tommy has been working nonstop for over two weeks. One of his guys is on vacation (known about before he was hired) and the other one is sick. I must say I admire the one on vacation. This is a 24 year old young man, married with a little boy. He is driving to Disney World in California with his family and his in laws. He definitely has more nerve than I do. They actually got back Sunday, so Tommy is taking Monday and part of Tuesday off so he can help me pack. YEA!!!!!!!

Well, Friday will be Tommy's last day here. We will pack the truck early that afternoon and leave. Tommy has some pics he wants me to take on the way. But we don't want to hit DFW at rush hour either. Our truck has no air conditioning. We will get to the inlaws very early Saturday morning. Sunday I get to go see my family Then Monday night we will drive to Lafayette. It is only about 3.5 to 4 hours from Bossier City depending on traffic.

I am really hoping our room there is bigger than our room here. My main concern is that there is absolutely no grass at all around this hotel. My babies need grass to do their business and play around in. Oh well, they sometimes seem to adjust to new things better than I do.

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Maddie Can Fly said...

Have a good trip! It's very cool (almost cold here) -- sure wish I could send you some of this cooler air (LOL)