December 16, 2007

Good grief where has the time gone? It has been almost a month since my last post. A lot has occurred since then....well, maybe not a lot but it has been busy.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Tommy took the day off and we cooked. YES!!!! We stayed home for once. I was so happy.
We went north on the 25th. I had to renew my drivers licence. Would you believe it, I accidently let it expire......almost 2 years ago!!!!!! Does that tell you how much driving I do? Of course when it expired, we had just moved to New Orleans and the DMV's down here no longer even existed. We were still living in the hotel. It was definitely one of the least of our worries. Anyway, I had to take the written test. Tommy got me a copy of the book, but did I read it??? NO!!! I've been driving for forever, I know everything I need to know. Yeah. That's why I flunked the stupid thing the first time. Yes I failed the written So I actually read the book this time. When I retook the test, I passed. I did discover one thing. I really didn't pay any attention to the DWI stuff because I don't drink, Tommy doesn't drink. I missed both DWI questions on the test. Told the girl grading the test I guess I will have to start drinking so I can learn about them. NOT!!! Whatever. My licence is now renewed til 2011. Of course the picture sucks but that is nothing new....hehehehe
December 1st was my birthday. I'm now 42 years young. Tommy took me to Red Lobster for dinner and bought me three huge bags of jewelry that were on sale at Goodwill. Lots and lots of goodies.
I have been working on making our Christmas gifts this year. They are very simple but say we are thinking of them and love them. Everyone gets a set of 4 quilted coasters and two scented doorhangers. Tommy's aunt and sister, along with my best friend and my nephew all get quilts. I have 5 baby blankets I am appliquing names on. I also made Raf a robe. We actually gave it to him this morning because it finally got cold here in New Orleans. Of course it is warming up again this week but right now it is freaking cold. I will post pictures later.
Tuesday is Zoe's birthday. She will be 2 years old. My baby is growing With the exception of having issues, she is a very good puppy. I have to make her some clothes to stay warm.....happy happy joy joy.
If everything goes in MY favor this year, we are staying home for Christmas. The last few years, we have split the time between our families. It is draining, physically and emotionally. This year, we are going to Cracker Barrel for Christmas Eve breakfast (Tommy is off but Raf has to work, both days). We are attempting to make it OUR Christmas tradition. My mom and brother are coming to visit over New Year's. Tommy's brother, Jerry, from Orlando is supposed to come for a couple of days before going to their mom's house. I am so hoping Tommy doesn't give in to his badgering to go home for a couple of days. Although I guess that if their dad comes down from Kansas, we will end up going. Oh, well, who knows. Whatever God has planned for us is what will be.

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Susan said...

It sounds like with all that sewing, you haven't had *time* to blog! LOL! Here's hoping you get to stay home for Christmas. Happy late birthday!