December 21, 2006

This fall in the group CQ for Newbies, I hosted a Victorian Christmas Boot/Stocking swap. Fifteen ladies participated. They each created and embellished a boot and filled it with four squishies of goodies. On the 15th of November, I emailed eiach of them the name of the person to whom they were to mail them. No one knew whose boot they were going to receive until they arrived in the mailboxes. These ladies are very talented and creative. I hope they are thinking about next year's boot as this swap has been requested to be repeated.


Gerry said...

Mary, you did a wonderful job as hostess. Thanks so much!

Susan said...

Those are all so beautiful! Amazing to see them here in one lump, so to speak. Really shows all the talents that people have. I look forward to next year's swap and hope to be able to join in.