October 05, 2006

For Mother's Day this year I decided to design a quilt block for my mom and make a wallhanging with it. My mom has always been one to hold her family very close to her heart, so that is what my block depicts. The blue represents her arms holding us close to her heart. She loved it. That is my mom holding her wallhanging.

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Brenda L. Minor said...

It's going to be an awesome quilt! I love the block. It's very nice. I like to do sane quilting, too. I've done a lot more of it than CQing. I'm just a "babe" to CQing... But I've been doing regular quilting since I was teenager. It's my passion in this life... I'm glad that you and your mother are both quilters. In my family, it skipped a generation. My mother really doesn't care for it. She always says she could never cut a straight line. I told her her problem had been solved and I told her about the rotary cutters & the templates/rulers that are used today. She seemed mildly interested.... So, maybe when she hits her 70's and slows down some! I'm enjoying your blogsite.... Love the furbabies! They're some cuties. TTYL, Brenda M.