August 09, 2008

It has been almost 3 months since my last post. Life is a little more certain for us now. We are living in Midland, Texas. Tommy is working as chief engineer for two hotels, the Courtyard by Marriott (opening soon) and the Hampton Inn. He is also going to be overseeing the openings and possible parts of the construction of 4 to 7 other hotels. Most of them will be here in Texas.

We have been living at the Victorian Inn and Suites (don't let the name fool you) since July 7th. Do to the oil boom, most of the housing here is taken up. We have finally found an apartment we are in the process of applying for. It is a two bedroom. The second bedroom will actually be my "studio". I am so excited and hope we get the place.

I am tired of living in this motel and eating out twice a day. Most people think I am weird that I don't enjoy living in a hotel and eating out all the time. It gets old having to get dressed everytime we want dinner or even a snack. About the only thing Tommy and I argue about is where in the world are we going to eat this time. I am looking so forward to being able to cook again. So is Tommy.

We added another member to our family today. We got a 7 week old long haired male chihuahua. Poor Zoe is scared of him. He is so tiny. I named him Zax. Now we have Zoe and Zax. Once I get a new digital camera (dh and mil lost mine in Florida--long story) and get my computer and hi speed again, I will post pics (lots of them I'm sure). I know that I wrote we had gotten a pug but we didn't. When we got him, we were living with the inlaws. My fil fell head over heels for him. He swore he didn't like him, just like he did Zoe, but then gets down on the floor with him, just like with Zoe, and plays with him. As much as I loved him, I would not have hurt my fil for anything in the world by taking that pup away from him. Of course, my mil loves chihuahua's and we know she is going to try to steal Zax, or even trade the pug for him (yes, she would try that). But that would definitely be a no go, no matter how much she begs.

More later.